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Halloween Update in Google – those scary inbound links

With the rise in popularity of social media networking (such as twitter, facebook etc) it is no surprise that Google has revisited the importance of inbound links.

Around Halloween there was an update in Google: which looks like it has devalued directory inbound links. Anyone can get a directory inbound link, but actually embeding your website in the community that it serves is far more challenging?

You may ask what I am talking about……..but this change is fundamental to the ongoing success of any search engine optimisation campaign.

You need to start engaging with your customers and start a ‘dialogue’ with them.
It may be that you want them to start leaving reviews on Google or on Kelkoo. Perhaps you have thought of setting up a forum so people can start leaving comments about the products / services – with the aim of boosting customer service.

Writing relevant content is also imperative to the ongoing success of the SEO. Adding new pages means that the website is growing and changing (which is another criteria Google looks at). but if the article is helping and relevant to users / customers the likelhood of them then blogging about the content, posting it in forums, bookmarketing it on or one of the other social media networking sites, is probable……..

So what do you need to do:

  • Start looking at your content plan and how you can tailor the articles around current & relevant news
  • If you are an e-commerce site manager – look at the ‘thank you’ emails after some one has purchased, and give them an opportunity to write a review or comment on a forum
  • Put in a footer to the other social media networking sites – so it’s easy for people to comment on your site

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