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IoD Young Directors Forums – representing tomorrow’s leaders today

Enterprise and the entrepreneurial culture is growing in the UK, and schools, colleges and universities already recognise that they have an important part to play in stimulating an interest in enterprise. We need to build on that platform. Miles Templeman, IoD Director General comments ‘Young Directors are the key to our future economic growth and the IoD is very keen to support and encourage these developing leaders.’ (more…)

Building an Audience vs Engaging with Consumer Brands: What’s the difference?

If you are a charity, social enterprise, arts project, club or society, then chances are that you’ll be using social media to engage and grow your audience.

But are the conversations that you are having different to those of how consumer brands are engaging with this their fans? Do you need to approach the method of seeding the conversations differently or should you be using different tools? (more…)

On The Web

Your online credibility is an increasingly important way of showcasing your specialised knowledge and expertise which will build your online credibility. As more people engage with the social web differentiating yourself become imperative

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