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IzziWizziKids Interview: Using Social Media for Customer Research

We caught up with Alison Boxall Gordon, founder of IzziWizziKids based in Wakefield, Yorkshire. In this interview we hear from Alison on how she’s used social media to grow IzziWizziKids, an online interactive play forum.  Using videos, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, the online community of parents talking and sharing know-how of kids play has been a great success.


How Businesses In Yorkshire Are Using Social Media

There’s lots of hype about social media whether it delivers return on investment and is it worth the time.

Using my video blogging skills I’ve spent some time interviewing business leaders, owners and marketing managers across the Yorkshire region to find out how they have used social media to help their business.

I’ve interviewed business from solicitors to social enterprises to apps developers to online communities. The key theme coming through is the entrepreneurial spirit for taking a chance or adapting their businesses to the new technologies. (more…)

Video Blogging – Boost Your Reach

With YouTube as the 2nd largest search engine after Google, it’s hard to ignore it’s reach. With technology changes doing your own video blogging is much easier. Audiences almost want the authentic view rather than the over polished commercial video.

I recently went on a course with Feature Media to brush up on my skills for presenting and video editing. So here are my top tips that I learnt on the day (more…)

On The Web

Your online credibility is an increasingly important way of showcasing your specialised knowledge and expertise which will build your online credibility. As more people engage with the social web differentiating yourself become imperative

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