Women Tapping on the Glass Ceiling

When I was staying at my parents in November, I was reading the newspaper and breakfast and came across an interesting article that got me thinking.

Women tapping on the glass ceiling talks about the increasing number of women entering the boardrooms of the country’s 100 biggest companies . However, women still account for less than one in 10 of the total number of directors.

I also attended in November an event by Jo Haigh who was promoting her book ‘Tails from the Glass Ceiling’

As a female director of an open source consultancy, we have operated a democratic board of directors and have certainly not felt that I am a lesser person than my male counter parts. We have played to our strengths as a team, irrelevant of gender, which I think is impressive especially in an IT company (which is a male, geeky dominated world!).

However, when I have been to other networking events with senior business leaders, I certainly have felt that that glass ceiling is there. Being younger, female and in IT I have in certain situations felt to challenge some people’s preconceptions and beliefs.

It is too easy to loose sight of our aspirations and need inspiring. I came across the Yorkshire Women in Business Convention which is on the 6th March 2009 in Harrogate, which I’ll definitely be attending.

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