Blogging and your overall marketing strategy

Last week I attended the IoD Director of the Yearawards in Leeds. Vernon George, Director of Regions and Branches gave a closing speech. The theme of the speech was ‘The Green Shoots of Recovery’ and whether there are signs of things improving or not.

I was thrilled (yes really I was) when I visited the IoD blog to find that they had posted an article which reflected the speech. I’d like to think this was a genius piece of strategic marketing, which I am sure it is as the IoD are taking on board the new era marketing channels. So many companies miss this opportunity of engaging with their audience.
To maximise the opportunity, the IoD should have emailed out to all IoD members on Friday saying that Vernon had delivered the speech (amongst other things) – and to continue the conversation online…..that way you would be driving 2,500 members to your blog.
Aligning your online and real world marketing
Ensuring that what is happening correlates with your virtual communications is key to your overall customer engagement. In this instance it allows the people who were at the dinner to engage and continue the discussion (that’s if they found the blog post!) .
In the new world of Web 2.0 it’s about engaging with your audience through the new channels and building that brand loyalty. Aligning what you are communicating in after dinner speeches, newsletters, or seminars in your online world meas that your audience can be more connected with you.
They can share their opinions on what you have been discussing. Potential customers will be more than likely to purchase your product or service if you are seen as an authority on the subject matter. Therefore aligning your offline and online marketing strategies will only help build your credibility.
So next time you are running a seminar, answering a blog post, asking a question at a Q&A – think about how you can maximise this in your online world to build your online credibility.

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