Top 10 Tips for Promoting Your Event via Social Media Channels

Promoting an event with tight timescales might seem like a tough challenge, but using sites such as eventbrite, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogs together can push the message out.

Promoting your Event on Social Media Sites

  1. Set up your event on EventBrite – which is a great way to promote your event as it gives you a URL that you can circulate.  They do take a % off your revenue from tickets sales…but worth it as they do all the payment and tickets
  2. Write a blog post about it – write an article promoting the event, benefits and booking methods. This will create awareness of the event within your readership – and hopefully the readers might pass the information on to their network too.
  3. Ensure Readers can share the blog post – You need to ensure this is easy to do for readers – so have a ‘tweet this’ button or a share button so they can push the article on to their networks
  4. Twitter about it – Once you have your Eventbrite link you can then push the information out to your network.  Ensure that you use relevant hash tags to ensure maximum exposure.  Tweet it a few times over a period and at different times throughout the day to capture all of your Twitter followers.
  5. Ensure you have a good follower base to push this out to – there’s no point tweeting it if you only have a few followers.  Prior to the event ensure that you have connected with the key influencers in subject matter your event will be about.  Be honest and transparent about it – don’t just connect for the sake of it – start a conversation
  6. Make the Tweet short so people can RT – one tip that I picked up was ensuring that the Tweet you write is short enough so people can RT it to their networks!
  7. Post about it in your relevant LinkedIn Groups – I am a member of a few Yorkshire based LinkedIn groups and the IoD group – so I posted the information and Eventbrite links in there too.
  8. Send a message to interested people on LinkedIn and Facebook – commenting in the groups will not capture all your contacts, so ensure you message all people who you think will be interested in the event. Ensure it doesn’t sound spammy and ensure the subject line is catchy to maximise open rates on the email.
  9. If you have a Facebook fan page push the message out – to all your fans & promote it on here too.  The aim should be to engage with people and start a conversation – which you can then continue at the event
  10. Promote the event on other network communities – e.g RSA Yorkshire Fellow Ning Network If you are a member of other networks that use a community platform – promote the event there too!

Setting  up the Vision for Leeds 2030 Event

Two weeks ago Mike Love from T4P asked me to set up a business consultation around the Vision for Leeds 2030 for Leeds Initiative. With it being the Summer holidays, I was concerned whether I’d get the numbers – but I didn’t have to worry as I had 20 people turn up – and all promoted and found the event through the social media campaign.  Having such a great response in doing this I thought I’d share my thoughts on what made it a success.

Have you promoted your event via social media – and what you your top tip be?  Would welcome further comments!

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