Building Your Online Credibility

Your online credibility is an increasingly important way of showcasing your specialised knowledge and expertise which will build your online reputation.

As more people engage with the social web differentiating yourself become imperative.

This was presented at the Leeds Business Network on 11th August.

What is Online Credibility?
Online credibility is a perception your customers, potential customers, business / collaboration partners get when they visit your blog, read your comments online, read your profile, etc. which is why it takes time to build.

Why is it important?
Based on data from Econsultancy there has been a 9% growth in reputation / social media metrics analysed by clients. Which means more clients are analysing the online reputation and buzz marketing around companies they use.  This means that building your online reputation is key to growing your conversions of whethe people decide to engage with you and your business.

People use the Internet to find out whether they should trust somebody that they are about to meet or have just met.

This isn’t new – the main way people work out whether to trade with people on Ebay is through their personal recommendations and reputation score.

When people want to do business with you, they will check the web to search for ‘red flags’ or for information to help them understand you better.

What’s the Benefit?

  • Increase visitors to you  website
  • Boost conversion / hit rate on sales
  • Become an online expert within your niche
  • Build trust with existing & potential customers
  • Build rapport with your existing network

What to do next?

  • Research  – identify what information is out there about you. Using tools such as Google Alerts, Trackur, or Twitter searches
  • Create your profile – on LinkedIn, Your website, Slideshare, Twitter, or relevant forums
  • Ensure consistency of information between the different sites
  • Obtain feedback / testimonials / recommendations
  • Be real – we’re human afterall, so show who you are and a little humour 😉
  • Think about your own personal brand – what do you stand for – stay on brand!
  • Interact, engage and converse
  • Say something useful – share your knowledge
  • Demonstrate your expertise and offer your opinion
  • The internet is not a broadcast medium it’s about engagement
  • Stay consistent in tone of voice and how you engage
  • Be dedicated, you can start and let your profiles get out of date – quick way to lose credibility

Read more at the slideshare presentation.

How are you growing your online credibility?

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