Getting RTs -13 Top Tips on Getting Retweeted

When I was setting up and promoting Leeds DIY Vision I pushed out a few tweets promoting the event. I got lots of RTs and lots of learning that I thought I would share.

It was Emma at CultureVultures that reminded me of something.  Emma wanted to retweet this but I had had not left enough characters for her to do this which was something I had overlooked.I still got quite a few RTs – so what did I get right?

13 Top Tips on getting a ReTweet

  • Ensure you leave enough characters to enable people to RT
  • Use compressed links – as you can track the number of times it’s been clicked
  • If promoting an event ensure you have left sufficient time scales to get a response
  • Use TLAs and shortenings to ensure you can get all key salient facts in the tweet
  • Ask for RTs – be open about it as you want to get the message across (only if its newsworthy enough)
  • Put call to action or engagement in the tweet ‘Book online’ or ‘Have your say’
  • Listen to feedback from your followers on how to improve the tweet
  • Say something interesting
  • Say something timely – push the news out first
  • Push it on other networks (I pushed it out on the RSA networked and Tweeted from there)
  • Repeat the tweet at different times as people read their Twitter accounts at different times
  • RT others, as they’ll reciprocate at some point
  • Thank those that RT you – show your appreciation

What are your top tips on getting a RT?

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