15 Top Tips to Boost Your Facebook Edgerank

Boosting your Facebook Fan Page Edgerank is imperative to ensuring you are maximising the reach of your page.  Creating a content strategy that is ongoing and engaging is the key to this.  BuddyMedia created a great PDF on ideas for content to boost your edgerank.

Here are 10 Top Tips to get your Facebook Fan Page ranking higher on it’s Edgerank:

1. Build campaigns that have regular frequent interaction, not just a big launch, it needs to be a continual drip of content

2. If your launching a new campaign, you need to boost your edgerank prior to the campaign to ensure you have the optimal exposure on your fans news feeds.

3. Ask questions and spark a debate  – to boost your affinity. Plan a series of these to continue to build the edge rank

4. Run a trivia questions around your brand or campaign – people love to share their knowledge.

5. Run polls  or questions to get people talking (creates great content for a blog post on the results as well).

6. Coupons / vouchers are a great way to boost your fans and interactivity. Use Woobox

7. Competitions – use competition to boost your discussion

8. Make the most of your high value content (videos and photos) to spark interactions

9. Email your existing customers – pointing them to the competition / question / vouchers – sign posting is a great way to build awareness

10. Tweet about the questions and post link on Twitter

11. Keep content fresh – content needs to be posted on a regular basis, with regular interactions to maintain your Edgerank

12. Ask users to share – explicitly ask people to share content on Facebook.  Don’t do this all the time, as the effectiveness wears off.

13. Launch a Forum – Once you’ve got sufficient number of fans interacting, think about launching a forum

14. Don’t post too much – as it will clog up Fans news feeds and is the equivalent of spam. Posting once a day as maximum and at peak time is important

15. Results will not be immediate but will grow over time, so stay patient 🙂

One thought on “15 Top Tips to Boost Your Facebook Edgerank

  1. Some great suggestions there. The only one I’d be wary of is the forum if it exists within the FB framework but perhaps that’s because I’m biased and one of pages works with the website that has it’s own popular forum on it 🙂

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